« I remember my experience of working with the GGRIL with great joy. They were creative, inspiring, focussed and responsive, and I felt the work we did made a difference to my practice as well as to theirs. «  CAROLINE KRAABEL, composer (UK).

« I heard the GGRIL Orchestra during a short and pleasant stay at Rimouski (Canada) after finishing a long USA tour with ICP Orchestra. All these young musicians had big ‘listening’ ears, knew how to work in a large ensemble, knew to wait and most important knew how to keep the music open and light. All this was done with a lot of fun, concentration and dedication. » AB BAARS, Instant Composer Pool (Netherland)

“It was real pleasure workshopping, rehearsing and performing with you all. Everyone worked with such sensitivity, respect and improvisational skill. And a real sense of fun!”

GUS GARSIDE, composer (UK).

« GGRIL is a kind of poststructuralist village band.(…) In the performance at FIMAV, it was apparent how thoroughly GGRIL has entered the elite of Québec’s musical avant-garde.» STUART BROOMER, Point od Departure ,USA, JANVIER 2014 . »

“LE GGRIL, a totally boss improvisationnal band working in the tradition of Butch Morris’ ensembles or Globe – larges masses of hard blown improvisation interwoven with more delicately wrought sounds, all done with a crazy energy level.” BYRON COLEY, The Wire (UK), septembre 2014

Le GGRIL est un grand ensemble d’improvisateurs venu d’une petite ville de l’est du Québec et réunissant une instrumentation bigarée et électrique: guitares électriques, cordes et percussions à l’avant pour une plongée ludique et crue en territoire libéré. Le GGRIL est actif depuis 2007 et, en plus de développer un répertoire personnel, a travaillé avec des musiciens de la trempe de Jean Derome, Xavier Charles (fr), Evan Parker (Uk) Michael Ficher (Au), et Ingrid Laubrock (Usa). L’ensemble est cuireux et toujours à la recherche de nouvelles expériencres musciales.

Le GGRIL is a large improvisers ensemble coming out of a little Eastern Quebec town. Its strange combination of instruments produces a unique sonic palette consisting of electric guitars, percussion, and strings. Managed by Tour de bras (Rimouski), Le GGRIL is a major player in the development of new improvised music outside urban centres. Le GGRIL has been active since 2007. In addition to working on its own material, it has worked with major artists such as Jean Derome, Evan Parker, Ingrid Laubrock, Xavier Charles and Michael Fischer. GRRIL is always seeking for new collaborations and experiences.

CONTACT : Éric Normand (418) 725-7452 brasderic@gmail.com //////www.tourdebras.com/////www.facebook.com/Ggrilimprov

directeur technique: Robin Servant rob.servant@gmail.com



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